Hi, I’m Ralph Weatherstone. My interest in the subject of photography began over 30 years ago. While attending Northern State College in Aberdeen, South Dakota, I took my first course in photography and found I enjoyed it. Over the years I have grown in my love for the art form. I am always looking for the perfect photo, capturing people, wildlife, and nature’s beauty itself in a frame for a lifetime. Each shot is an opportunity to seize that perfect moment.

We, as people, change and grow all the time, and there will never be THIS moment in time again. I take pictures…to capture NOW. I carry my camera with me, 24/7. My family considers it a body appendage of mine. Whether your now moment is an occasion like graduating high school, a family reunion in town, your wedding day or just celebrating your child’s first birthday, you will never have that moment again. So my advice to you is to capture it all. With my photography, I strive for a blend of traditional and creative photos that use light and color to highlight the subjects. I also work to capture true personalities and relationships. When you look at the photos I have taken, I hope to convey to you, your ‘Now Moment’ to be displayed for a lifetime.

I use a Nikon D7100 DSLR camera with a variety of lenses. With the camera and lens, I spend time working to get the best shots possible of my subjects. As well as taking close-ups and full body shots, there are many photos taken that in the end I hope your final prints depicts to the world who you are. My goal is to capture your smile, your moods, and your interests in a moment of time. I want to help you get that perfect shot, held in the now moment, that you can be proud of and are excited to share with others! I look forward to working with you to create that perfect day.

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